Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Me and the Mr on our Monday outting

 Me and The Mr
   Okay! So today Mr and I had an unusual outing. Why? We stopped at nursery and decided to whip out our iPhones and take a couple of snaps. Who knew going to a nursery would have been sooooo interesting. I guess it is true that if you always stay on the 

     Well, that was part one of our outing! I had an amazing surprise Bday party last year and got a Anthropologie gift card that I hadn't used as of yesterday. Did I mention that my birthday was last August 1. Not only did I go to Anthropolgie and get some cute fixings, but I got a FanTabuLous savings also.  Okay, so here's what makes me happy happe happie. The total regular price for these for items would have been $350.98. Ha! But your girl only paid 119.70. I won't bother you with figuring the savings, it is a whopping $231.28. Yippie ha hooray. 
 1 Cute Black of the shoulder silk top +

 1 Cute sailor side button shirt +

 2 Belts  = 1 Fly Sista, yes mam 

The following were another score at Anthro on different day. Just wanted cha to see my steal deals. These were regularly priced at $98.00 each, but I got them for $19.99 each. Whoa nelly, yes indeed. I love luv luve me some deals like these.


Yeah, I know I'm bad like that. I also received a $150 spa gift card that I have not used yet either. But as far as the spa gift card, I am saving it for this summer. The kids will be home the whole summer, and you do the math. ;-)  
     I really had a great time yesterday with the Mr. We were supposed to go to Coldstone Creamery, but couldn't because I was too stuffed from the lunch we shared. I'm not a big eater, AT ALL. So maybe next Monday, we will hit the CC for our treats.
     Oh I almost forgot, we celebrated our 16th year on May 2, 2012. Woooo, man 4 years shy of 20. Life is beautiful.
Blessed is what I am, Humble for God
Obviously this was posted later. Sorry 

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