Monday, January 10, 2011

My New Year's Resolution

Okay, so I have been wondering on what I should commit to as my Resolution for 2011. And I have come to the conclusion that I will resolute to nothing new. I have too many old things that need to be fixed. Let me re-phrase "fixed" and say sorted through. I refuse to add more on top of my plate; I'm too picky of an eater to keep piling it up if you catch my drift. I have been doing some at home bible study and got Mrs. Joyce Meyer's new book Battlefield of the Mind and though I've just begun reading it, I've learned quite a lot about mental traps. I think that this will be an interesting read and can't wait to dive further into it.

Back track: I had a wonderful Christmas with my family. However, I am soooooooooooo glad that it's over. I had the holiday fever and then got burned out the week before Christmas. I had all of my shopping and wrapping done. This year girlfriend got smart and wrapped as I bought. So of course I was proud of myself that I wouldn't be up til the wee hours of Christmas Eve wrapping gifts. I don't know how or when the candle started to burn out. Anywho. Go figure! So burnt out that we just had our Christmas turkey about a week ago. Yeah, we all sides for dinner and an awesome chicken and sausage gumbo and a cream cheese and sour cream pound cake with an amazing almond glaze. Well the turkey was well worth the wait. Yumo! DE*LIC*OUS! No kidding. However good the holidays was, I should still kick myself. Why? I didn't take any pictures of the tree. I'm telling you, I wasn't my usual self. The above photo is the only peak of the tree that wasn't decorated all the way, but it was pretty as is.

But all in all, I'm praying to my Awesome and Amazing God that I will be blessed beyond immeasurable means throughout this entire year. I'm overdue for an abundance of blessings.

God Is Awesome, Be Blessed