Thursday, January 17, 2013

Semi-Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Semi-Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Ing: Bear Paw Chicken Noodle Soup Package
2c No Yolk Egg Noodles
6c Water 
2 c Milk
1 Can RFat  Crm Chkn Soup
2 tsp Butter & Lite Marg
1 tsp EVOO
Frozen Veggies
Tyson Frozen Chicken Fajita Strips
2 Chicken Bouillon Cubes
Dry Seasonings
Bring 6c Water to Slight Roll then Add Bouillon Cubes and Milk. While waiting for Boil, Heat Oil+Butter, Sauté Frozen Chicken for 3Mins. Add Dry Seasonings to Flavor, add 3tbsp Water cover and Cook 3Mins.  Cut Into Sm Pcs, turn off. Transfer to Bowl.  ReHeat Pan, Add Butter and Sauté Veggies.  Once Water-Milk boil Add Soup Package plus Noodles.  Once a Slight boil Add canned Soup plus Margerine and Turn up slightly for 5Mins, Stir Frequently.  Reduce Heat and Simmer 15Mins (add more Milk plus Water- equal amounts, if needed), Season to Your Taste.  Add cooked Chicken, cook 10Mins. Can you say yummy? I can, yummy!  

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Vacation that was not

All I Can Say Is...
The Vacation Awh, Not!  I have never ever ever eva had such an awful experience on a vacation such as the one to San Antonio. Why? Why? Why?
I had waited for such a long time to go back to San Antonio, only to be disappointed. Here is the funny thing;  had I followed my first mine, the one I try to listen to most often,  U would not be reading about my disappointment.
I had just told the Mister a couple of days before Saturday, May 5 that I would love to go on a short vacation to S.A.  Hum, I wonder who else was listening. Any-who, he received a call offering us an opportunity to go and spend sometime at a Wyndham Vacation Resort, only if we would agree to a 1hour 30 minute presentation, that we were under no obligation to purchase. Ha! Don’t fall for the okie dokie FYI. We drove over 8 hours with 3, count them 1, 2, 3 kiddos only to arrive to a hotel that was so not what we were told would be where we would stay.  With kiddos did I mention.  We did not agree to this with the person who was “giving us an opportunity to experience Wyndham at a fraction of the cost.”  That should have been a hint. But no...........the Mister wanted the deal.  Lesson learned, trust me! 
Two different hotels might I add to this conversation.  Needless to say, the kids complained because “mommy this looks like an old motel hotel.  Well, I will admit that the pool area was pretty cool for the kids.  But that’s a shame if the pool area is cooler than the hotel.  Things could have been much worse I'm sure, but they weren't so oh well.  Thank God!  But next time I'm booking!  Man I Love Him! He’s my Provider, Protector, Comforter, Healer, Keeper and all that I need even when I don’t know who, how or what else to say or when I don’t have the words to speak.  He hears me even when i’m not speaking.  And so for that, He is always and forevermore. 
Pics of our trip 
Random Family Shots

The El Tropicano/Miami Vice 

Blair and Mekelle Emmalee at Buc-ees on the way home


Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Baby Has Become A Man! Wow-
 Who would have thought that July 16, 1994 would have advanced to almost 18 years so quickly. I can’t believe my oldest baby boy is now an official Honor’s High School Graduate. IDK where and how the time passed so quickly. Really, i used to think that mother’s who had kids that have graduated was over exaggerating when they would say how quickly the time passes. Who knew they were actually telling the truth to the tee. I remember his first birthday as if it were yesterday. 
 This time has especially over the past two years have been bittersweet. But thank God, that He is always able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever anticipate or fathom. The days leading up to graduation, since mother’s day have been wonderful. 
 My prayer for our son is that he continues to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that He is always first and far most the most important factor in his (Chance’s) life. 
 Baby girl is missing him like crazy and he’s only been gone for maybe 12 hours. Yes he flew out at 6am this morning to began a new chapter. IKR, we didn’t have much time to celebrate!  But that’s fine because i have celebrated many of things (wonderful and not so) for these past almost 18 years. So now we go from a family of 6 living under one roof to a family of 5. This will take some getting used to i must say. 
 God grant me the strength to let go and let You perform in him all that You possess for him. 
Blessed, Tammy

Hubby(dad), Chance and Charles (dad)

Chance and his honor's cords
Me, Chance, Mae, Blair and Quinn
We will miss this ole big head boy. Lord protect him. He is YOurs and loaned to us 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Me and the Mr on our Monday outting

 Me and The Mr
   Okay! So today Mr and I had an unusual outing. Why? We stopped at nursery and decided to whip out our iPhones and take a couple of snaps. Who knew going to a nursery would have been sooooo interesting. I guess it is true that if you always stay on the 

     Well, that was part one of our outing! I had an amazing surprise Bday party last year and got a Anthropologie gift card that I hadn't used as of yesterday. Did I mention that my birthday was last August 1. Not only did I go to Anthropolgie and get some cute fixings, but I got a FanTabuLous savings also.  Okay, so here's what makes me happy happe happie. The total regular price for these for items would have been $350.98. Ha! But your girl only paid 119.70. I won't bother you with figuring the savings, it is a whopping $231.28. Yippie ha hooray. 
 1 Cute Black of the shoulder silk top +

 1 Cute sailor side button shirt +

 2 Belts  = 1 Fly Sista, yes mam 

The following were another score at Anthro on different day. Just wanted cha to see my steal deals. These were regularly priced at $98.00 each, but I got them for $19.99 each. Whoa nelly, yes indeed. I love luv luve me some deals like these.


Yeah, I know I'm bad like that. I also received a $150 spa gift card that I have not used yet either. But as far as the spa gift card, I am saving it for this summer. The kids will be home the whole summer, and you do the math. ;-)  
     I really had a great time yesterday with the Mr. We were supposed to go to Coldstone Creamery, but couldn't because I was too stuffed from the lunch we shared. I'm not a big eater, AT ALL. So maybe next Monday, we will hit the CC for our treats.
     Oh I almost forgot, we celebrated our 16th year on May 2, 2012. Woooo, man 4 years shy of 20. Life is beautiful.
Blessed is what I am, Humble for God
Obviously this was posted later. Sorry 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Insta Dri

Today I am trying out a new Insta-Dri anti chip top coat polish by Sally Hansen. It says that I will have no chips and shine for up to 10 days. I'm pretty skeptical about this claim. I am a very busy and active mother! My hands stay in water, literally. I am a licensed cosmetologist (shhhh I'm not in the shop presently). However, there are six of us here and so there are always kitchen duties, bath duties as well as laundry and stain remover duties. So I will report in 10 days or sooner to see if this product does what it claims. I don't get acrylic nails so, I hope hope hope that this will allow me to have pretty nails for a few days, even if I don't get the full 10 days. Wish me luck.

Blessed is what i am. Humble is what i am for God!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Day, New Life, New Beginning

Spring is approaching quickly. There is so much I want to do this year. For sure I plan to blog more often. At least once a week, either Saturday or Sunday. I want to start taking more photos of everything around me as well. I also want to get back into the shop, I am a licensed cosmetologist as well as a college graduate. If I never get to wear another designer suit to work ever again, no big deal. At this point, being behind my chair will be most gratifying. I am ready to fly through the window of life and live as free as a christian, wife, and mother could be without stepping into the world's wonderland.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My New Year's Resolution

Okay, so I have been wondering on what I should commit to as my Resolution for 2011. And I have come to the conclusion that I will resolute to nothing new. I have too many old things that need to be fixed. Let me re-phrase "fixed" and say sorted through. I refuse to add more on top of my plate; I'm too picky of an eater to keep piling it up if you catch my drift. I have been doing some at home bible study and got Mrs. Joyce Meyer's new book Battlefield of the Mind and though I've just begun reading it, I've learned quite a lot about mental traps. I think that this will be an interesting read and can't wait to dive further into it.

Back track: I had a wonderful Christmas with my family. However, I am soooooooooooo glad that it's over. I had the holiday fever and then got burned out the week before Christmas. I had all of my shopping and wrapping done. This year girlfriend got smart and wrapped as I bought. So of course I was proud of myself that I wouldn't be up til the wee hours of Christmas Eve wrapping gifts. I don't know how or when the candle started to burn out. Anywho. Go figure! So burnt out that we just had our Christmas turkey about a week ago. Yeah, we all sides for dinner and an awesome chicken and sausage gumbo and a cream cheese and sour cream pound cake with an amazing almond glaze. Well the turkey was well worth the wait. Yumo! DE*LIC*OUS! No kidding. However good the holidays was, I should still kick myself. Why? I didn't take any pictures of the tree. I'm telling you, I wasn't my usual self. The above photo is the only peak of the tree that wasn't decorated all the way, but it was pretty as is.

But all in all, I'm praying to my Awesome and Amazing God that I will be blessed beyond immeasurable means throughout this entire year. I'm overdue for an abundance of blessings.

God Is Awesome, Be Blessed


Sunday, August 22, 2010

My New Self

Okay, so I did it. It was the most thrilling and exillerating thing that I've done in the last 14years other than giving birth to my children. I am so in love with "My New Self." Oh my who would have ever known that a haircut would change the way I view myself, as a woman. It seems as though I'm now staring at a new woman, yet I'm borrowing the vision of a stranger. Because surely, I couldn't be looking at myself with my own eyes and see- TRANSFORMATION. And the TRANSFORMATION, really, it doesn't have anything to do with the physical. Though I am pleased. But it's more of a spiritual release for me. It's as though God, Himself has touched me on the shoulder, I turned and He held a mirrow and I smiled at this wonderful being that He created.

OMGdness, my boys were totally blown off thier feet. And needless to say the Hubby was pleased. Pleased would be an understatement. Mesmorized would be more like it! Yeah, that's it.

I can't even imagine what the future holds, especially now that I've allowed myself to let go of my familiar. Letting go I have learned, free of us of so much. The possibility of hope, my my my...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A-New ME!

Okay today I have made the decision to get a hair cut on tomorrow. Well actually, I had planned on doing this transformation in September due to the humidity. However, my girlfriend canceled her appointment and gave it to me. I'm really glad though, because I probably would have not gone through with it in September. Yeah, well my hubbie is a hair man. Go figure.

I'm ready for something new. Since, I've been a mommy and wife I've held on to the length for convenience. I want to go for a bob with a little invert, some layers. Yep, I'm going to do alot with one cut. My hair is so big and thick that it will go with the flow. I'm going to post some pics if I can figure out how. Wish me luck! I'm nervous because it's going to be such a transformation. Whew!